PARTNERING WITH INDUSTRY LEADERS FOR THE BEST SOLUTIONS Integrated Systems Group delivers cost effective and timely life safety, detection and monitoring system solutions for major petroleum based clients.  ISG was formed to provide customers with system integration solutions and products in four main areas:  Fire and gas detection, fire and gas alarm notification, fire protection and suppression and Halon Banking. Integrated Systems Group has established a series of alliances and partnerships with high caliber product manufacturers and service providers. Through each of these relationships, we can validate that we are delivering the high level of quality our customers demand. Integrated Systems Group offers mass notification and fire alarm systems for fire and gas detection systems and alarm annunciation systems... MORE FIRE ALARM From small electronic facilities to the largest industrial processing plants, we have a system that meets most any high valued asset environment. Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid, FM-200®, Argonite, Water Mist, High Pressure and Low Pressure CO2, and Nitrogen... MORE FIRE SUPPRESSION Mass Notification systems are used to provide information and instruction in a building or space using verbal as well as visual signals to relay information...MORE MASS NOTIFICATION © Integrated Systems Group 2011. All Rights Reserved. Created by PorterPro Services.